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Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic & Restorative Dentistry in Brentwood, TN

Brentwood cosmetic dentist Dr. Lisbeth Bradley performs cosmetic and restorative dental treatments to improve smiles and restore function.

Cosmetic dental treatments improve the aesthetics of your smile, and restorative dentistry returns form and function to your mouth. We often provide these services in unison, because our goal is to aesthetically restore missing, broken and badly damaged teeth so they look beautiful in addition to functioning properly.

Tooth-colored fillings- We use materials that are matched to the shade of your existing tooth to fill the portion of a decayed tooth that must be removed. The end result is a natural-looking tooth and a filling that others won’t notice when you laugh, talk or smile.

Veneers- These thin sheets of porcelain can be bonded to the fronts of teeth to correct imperfections, such as chipped, uneven, stained or slightly crowded teeth. They also can be used to close gaps between teeth. We remove a small portion of your tooth surface to prepare the teeth and bond the veneers to them.

DURAthin veneers- This brand of veneers is ultra-thin and requires no enamel removal to adhere them to your tooth surfaces.

Porcelain crowns- We place this restoration over a damaged tooth to restore its structure, strength and function. The porcelain is matched to the shade of neighboring teeth so it blends in naturally.

Gum contouring- A process of aligning uneven gum lines to improve smile aesthetics.

Teeth whitening- We offer in-office bleaching, as well as a take-home system. In-office bleaching is completed in a single appointment. We also make custom trays so you can touchup at home after in-office bleaching, or go the home-whitening route from the start. Our take-home bleaching products deliver the same improvements as the in-office system, only they’re achieved over the course of up to two weeks. You will see results in as few as three days.

ClearCorrect- This orthodontic treatment system uses clear aligners to align teeth in a manner that is virtually unnoticeable to others. People will notice your smile, instead of your appliances. Please visit our ClearCorrect page to learn more.

Simpli5- This is another express orthodontic treatment system. We often recommend this form of treatment for adults who had treatment during childhood, but their teeth have relapsed and would benefit from retreatment. We also recommend this system of clear plastic aligners if we are doing veneers and need to get a tooth in a better position.

Additional restorative treatments include:

  • Dental implants
  • Bridges

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