Real Patient Veneers Testimony

Porcelain Veneers Nashville

I’m delighted to share my exceptional experience and results by Dr. Lis Bradley and her entire staff.  I have ALWAYS wanted to have my teeth “done”-but didn’t think it would EVER be something I would do.

Finding the Right Dentist

The spur for my change was a fragile front tooth that needed attention from a cosmetic dentist.  Searching online, I found Dr. Bradley-made an appointment-and the rest is DENTAL MAGIC:)  I’m a firm believer in trusting gut instincts-sometimes everything just comes together at the right time-with the right people-and that’s what happened here.

Getting a Consultation

After discussing treatment and considering possible options- I decided to have my top 6 teeth done.  The temporaries were so beautiful- I decided to do my bottom teeth. To enhance the top even more (and it is DRAMATIC) and balance my mouth, we fixed the 4 back teeth.  It’s so incredible to see these changes in stages- I was positively blown away.  I know I teared up a few times-which I know may sound odd to some-but Dr. Bradley and her staff got it.  Spending as much time as I have with these wonderful people for the past couple of months, I learned what I’m sure they’ve ALWAYS known-dental healthcare can be quite emotional.  I’ve always been a “smiley” person- but one who didn’t show her teeth much.  I am so ecstatic over my new smile-my friends and family just say they are so pretty and natural looking- which is EXACTLY what I wanted:)  This is by far-THE BEST thing I’ve ever done for myself!  I still cannot believe how fortunate I was to find Dr. Bradley-an extraordinarily gifted dentist with an exceptional staff- I cannot recommend them enough.



Happy Results

They asked if it was okay to use before and after photos-full face or just my mouth.  For a split second I thought-“just my mouth-I don’t want that full face before pic to be seen!”-BUT-anyone who’s considering this- I want you to see it all!!  It’s much more dramatic and impactful to see how it transforms your face!!  Whether you are 25 years old or 65- if you’re considering having veneers or anything else done- I encourage you to talk to Dr. Bradley and discuss the possibilities- you will be BEYOND happy with the results:)