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Dental Implants

Brentwood General Dentist Restores Dental Implants

Dr. Lisbeth Bradley is a dentist in Brentwood who restores implants to create a permanent solution to missing teeth.

One of the greatest technological advancements in dentistry is the dental implant. No other permanent dental restoration comes as close to functioning as a natural tooth.

An implant has three parts:

Implant body- Made from titanium or zirconia, this portion of the implant serves as the tooth root. It is placed into the jaw. It integrates into the jawbone and becomes as strong as a natural tooth root.

Implant abutment- A connector that is placed on or built into the top of the implant body to connect the implant to the replacement tooth.

Porcelain crown- The only part of the implant that is visible once fully restored. This attaches to the abutment and is matched to the shade of your existing teeth.

If you are a candidate for a dental implant, Dr. Lisbeth Bradley will refer you to an oral surgeon to have the implant placed. Once it has integrated itself into the jaw, she will restore it with a porcelain crown.

The benefits of replacing missing teeth

You might wonder why you should bother to replace a missing tooth, particularly if it’s a back molar that isn’t very noticeable, and aesthetics aren’t paramount to you. The truth is, there are oral health benefits.

Each tooth in your mouth serves an important function. They help keep each other in their proper positions. They enable you to chew your food properly. They also support your soft tissue such as lips, cheeks and gums. Finally, they promote healthy jawbone.

Teeth stimulate the jawbone through biting and chewing. The gap left by a missing tooth sends a message to the jawbone in that area that its work is done, and it begins to break down. Over time, this creates a domino effect of other oral health issues.

Teeth adjacent to the missing tooth may drift into the gap and alter bite patterns. This can lead to abnormal tooth wear. The companion tooth in the opposite jaw may begin to erupt farther than it should, since its counterpart isn’t there to maintain its position.

Aesthetic issues related to missing teeth include:

  • Collapsed facial profile
  • Distorted facial features
  • Loss of lip support, which can create an aged, puckered look
  • Advanced wrinkling around the mouth

Dental implants can prevent all of these problems. Call to schedule an appointment with Dr. Bradley if you would like to learn more about dental implants and determine whether you are a candidate for this restoration.

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